Author: Luis James

Oct 09

Additional Steuben County Transportation Options

In addition to providing regular buses, Steuben County has several county-specific transportation services. See below for details and to check if you qualify for certain amenities.   Steuben Coordinated Transportation Volunteer Driver Program This program allows volunteer drivers to provide non-emergency medical and/or food related transportation assistance to Steuben County residents who have no other […]

Sep 19

Getting the Most Out of Your Rideshare Service

While Steuben County has dozens of transportation options, nothing is as convenient as owning and driving your own car. This, however, is not always the best option; maybe you’re meeting friends for a drink and don’t want to risk driving home; maybe you can’t keep up with expensive car payments and maintenance fees. Most Steuben […]

Aug 21

Biking in and Around Steuben County

Town and city centers in and around Steuben County are relatively spread out; in most cases, the cars and busses are the easiest and most accessible mode of transport. While owning a car may be considered necessary to live in this area, there is another transportation option for those who do not want to spend […]