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Getting the Most Out of Your Rideshare Service

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While Steuben County has dozens of transportation options, nothing is as convenient as owning and driving your own car. This, however, is not always the best option; maybe you’re meeting friends for a drink and don’t want to risk driving home; maybe you can’t keep up with expensive car payments and maintenance fees. Most Steuben County residents have cars, but hundreds of residents live in this area without that luxury.

When the bus and train are not viable options, many pedestrians turn to rideshare services to get to and from destinations. Uber and Lyft are popular apps in and around Steuben County, and many residents use the service daily to complete everyday tasks. If you find yourself utilizing rideshare services on a consistent basis, consider adopting the following to get the most out of the experience.


Share Your Personal Code with Friends

If you’re new to rideshare apps, you’ll likely receive a discount code for a free ride. Then, you’ll receive a promotional code; every time you share this code with another rideshare user, you get a ride credit. Whether you have Steuben friends who use Uber or family in another state, share this code with as many people as possible. If you are comfortable, consider posting your code on Facebook for others to use. Many new rideshare users can coast on promotional credit for several weeks, all without paying a cent.


Buy a Ride Pass

During busy weeks and months, rideshare services are known to offer excellent ride pass deals, like $50 for 20 rides. When these appear in your app, jump on the opportunity. While some promotions expire after a certain number of weeks, those living without cars in Steuben County will benefit immensely from deals like this. Additionally, some rideshare apps are rolling out “ride pass” options, where passengers pay a monthly fee for unlimited rides. Check your app location to see if this is available in your town.


Share Your Ride

As Uber and Lyft become increasingly popular, the apps are looking for ways to cut rider cost. Both have introduced an option to ride with additional passengers. While this option takes slightly longer (your driver must pick up and drop off the other passengers), it can save riders a lot of money. Express Pool options are also remarkably inexpensive; this requires the rider to walk to a convenient pick-up spot, but it will save you $2-$3 on nearly every ride.


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