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Scenic Drives In Western New York You Should Take Sooner Than Later

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For those that love a good drive, there are a lot of options to pursue in the United States. If you find yourself in Western New York, then you are going to agree with the sentiment. If you haven’t taken a journey in your vehicle to far off destinations, then it’s time to consider a few notes in regard to how you can see a whole new side of the United States, all within your state. New York has some amazing drives, and options, including the following incredible drives that you will not want to miss out on. Whether you drive solo or you bring along friends or family, you’ll find that there’s a lot to see.


Letchworth State Park Drive

The first option to consider is to head west from Buffalo, and seek out Route 20A. This is a route that is going to take you to Route 19, 39, and will possess something that you may not have experienced often, empty stretches of highway. That’s right, there’s not a whole lot of traffic here, and you’re going to enjoy the beauty that comes at you fast. If you head this way in the fall, expect to see incredible foliage, changes in scenery, farmland, and so much more. Of course, you will want to visit Letchworth State Park as well, and see the natural splendor that awaits you. The drive here is amazing, however, not just the park.



For this option you’ll need to go towards 270 and then go down 31 and head to Lewiston. You’ll want to go past this locale, because you’re going to be searching for Niagara on the lake. This is a location that is worth the extra mile, as you’re going to be able to see some incredible views, and the famed Rainbow Bridge. Of course, if you want to step into Canada, you’ll need a passport, but other than that small tip, you’ll be amazed by what you see here. You’ll see the Niagara River, historical sites, and so much more. Don’t forget to take pictures, as there’s a lot to soak in here. You can also head back to Lewiston, and see the beauty that is found there as well.



The next scenic drive you want to consider takes you down 62 to 86 highway. The view here is amazing, and the further you go through to Chautauqua and visit the lake nearby, the more you’ll see. This is a town full of amazing picture spots, wineries, and an interesting brewery as well. But beyond the things to do, look out for the natural splendor that abounds, including scenic parks, old style homes, and much more. Go here in the fall, and be prepared to see a painting come to life as you drive through.



For fans of natural scenery, you’ll want to visit Ellicottville. During the fall around Columbus Day, this place becomes quite crowded with their festivals around fall. However, outside of that, you can visit and see incredible sights, including foliage, and state park entry points that will thrill. You can also bike, hike, and even camp year-round. Driving here requires you to follow Rout 219 and head through to Salamanca and Allegany State Park, respectively, as you’ll get to see amazing sights in and around your travels.


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