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Steuben News: Authorities arrest Steuben County school social worker in sting

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Federal authorities arrested a 38-year-old man, of Waverly, following an undercover investigation that uncovered an attempt to engage in sexual acts with a child.

Authorities charged Jacob Gorman, a school social worker, with a felony count of “using a facility and means of interstate and foreign commercise to knowingly attempt to persuade, induce, entice and coerce” a minor to engage with him in sexual activity.

The federal pedophile sting involved an undercover officer who was posing online as the parent of a 9-year-old girl.

The charges were brought upon Gorman on Thursday, reported WETM’s media partner The Leader. The Boards of Cooperative Educational Services confirmed that Gorman was placed this week on administrative leave from his school. Gorman previously worked at the Steuben County school in his role as a social worker since 2017.

The Boards of Cooperative Educational Services staff directory still listed Gorman as the school social worker as of 11:30 a.m. the same day of his arrest.

The officer who posed as a 9-year-old girl’s parent during the federal investigation reportedly exchanged a series of text messages with Gorman. The officer created a related social media post that Gorman responded to prior to the later exchange, according to the court documents cited in the report.

The court documents further stated that Gorman allegedly responded that same day with the message: “No flake here at all. Love the profile info.” He later allegedly sent another message, saying, “So how do I get a chance?”

Gorman and the undercover officer allegedly discussed payments, stated the court documents. The discussed futured payments are alleged to range up to $400.

When the undercover officer later asked Gorman for further confirmation that he was serious about proceeding with the deal, Gorman allegedly told who he thought was the 9-year-old girl’s parent, “I promise you I am dead serious about it.”

Officers took Gorman into custody when he arrived at the predetermined meeting location in Broome County. Gorman allegedly confessed during questioning that he withdrew $490 as payment for agreed upon sexual acts with a child.

The FBI stated that the acts Gorman intended to perform would constitute state-level felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual act and first-degree rape.

Gorman appeared in Binghamton’s federal courthouse following his arrest. The former social worker remains jailed while he awaits a possible future trial date.

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